Would You Rather Wednesday: Since Emma refused to answer… Lindsey called and asked another question involving us, our wives and our dads.

$1000 Minute: Jean from Eden Prairie played today for our NEW Grand Prize, including multiple nights out in the Twin Cities valued at more than $1000. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:35 to play!

Get To Know Question: Our boss asked us a Would You Rather question yesterday… He’s what it was… Would you rather get the flu or have a cold? Neither would be preferable. With so many people getting sick this time of year… What do you do to try and avoid it?

Are you addicted to your phone? Professor Colin Agur from the U gives us support in how to get over it and adds 3 apps you can download to help.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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