One of the best things to come out of the 2016 Presidential election was the budding bromance between Bernie Sanders and Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike. With the outspoken rapper interviewing and campaigning for the Vermont senator, it made for not just a great dialogue, but for many an eye-opening look into our political system.

In an interview with GQ, Sanders was asked about how his interactions with Mike came together:

You did a good job finding unlikely interlocutors, like the Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, who became an outspoken supporter.

Killer Mike is a serious guy.

Exactly. Your web-video interview with him was fascinating.

It turns out that Killer Mike is an extremely bright guy.

I assume somebody had to explain to you who Killer Mike was.

Yes, they did. The name got me a little bit nervous. But Killer Mike has never killed anybody. It’s just, he’s a killer rapper.

Mike’s interactions with Sanders’ opponent Hillary Clinton was limited to turning one of her leaked emails mentioning his name into a shirt that’s still available now.

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