Ben and Dana’s Fantasy Draft is BACK for ONE DAY ONLY because the NFL Draft is tonight. Today they chose best foods to eat with a spoon! Each got three votes. Listen and vote for who you think picked the best team.

$1000 MINUTE: Molly from Bloomington played today for our NEW Grand Prize of a pair of tickets to the next 10 shows after the Coronavirus Quarantine and valued at more than $1000. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:35 to play!

Get To Know Question: What are you drinking these days? What kind of strange concoctions have you put together because you have a little bit of this booze and only “that” to mix it with… And, actually? It’s pretty good.

Ben and Dana WHEEL OF MEAT! Have you been watching the news lately!? All these meat factories are shutting down and we may have a meat shortage… Never at Nelson’s Meats in Saint Louis Park. Spin the wheel, win the meat.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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