Beyoncé can do anything. Two decades ago she made the act of ending her phone service with MCI part of an undeniably catchy hook, so it should be no surprise that even a photo of her ordering dinner could instantly become a meme.

On Queen Bey’s Instagram, the singer uploaded a series of photos of a recent night on the town in a gorgeous red dress. Among these images was a shot of Bey speaking to an attentive waitress.

Given how rare it is to see such a mega-superstar doing something we can all relate to – celebs, they’re just like us – the photo of Beyoncé and her bills bills bills spread rapidly, becoming a literal overnight meme.

Let’s also note that Beyoncé is impactful enough to unleash a meme without the aid of a #hashtag. Truly she is one of the most powerful forces on Earth.

Here’s some of our favorites:[/embed/[/embed/[/embed/[/embed/[/embed/

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