Each weekday in February, Go 95.3 looks back at an important figure in black history.

Today we feature The Crash Crew the Sugar Hill Records group who redefined melody, harmony and teamwork in hip-hop. Considered the greatest rap group to never release an official album, The Crash Crew – consisting of DJ Daryll C, Reggie Reg, Barry Bistro, G-Man, MC La Shubee, and “a brother by the name of” EK Mike C spawned numerous landmark singles from the highly sought-after “High Powered Rap” to the anthemic “We Are Known as MCs.” Perhaps their most famous contribution to hip-hop is the landmark “On the Radio,” an earworm of a track that perfectly captures the moment that hip-hop went from a local cultural force to a mainstream community wave. The Crash Crew still reunites for anniversary concerts.

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