ABC/Randy Holmes

Given that late night television is home to such frequent hip-hop performances now, occasionally a few fall through the cracks and seem – even in the digital age – lost forever. There was never a real reason given as to why the Big Boi and Sleepy Brown performance of “Order of Operations” from last week’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! never made its way to YouTube, but thankfully that error has been resolved.

Finally hitting the ground running on the information superhighway, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown are backed by a full brass band, and we’re all here for it. From Big Boi’s 2017 Boomiverse album, this is the southern swinging Daddy Fat Stax just how we like him!

At least we didn’t have to wait for this one as long as this week’s other unearthed clip, “A Nightmare on My Street.”

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