Big Sean’s been everywhere this year – from Saturday Night Live to Ellen promoting his latest album I Decided – so naturally all that running around would require comfortable shoes.

Fortunately, Sean has just been named one of Puma’s Creative Collaborators and Global Ambassadors.

News of Sean linking up with Puma first arrived through his “Moves” video, and while his departure from rival brand Adidas doesn’t seem all that long ago, Sean is already set to release a line of shoes with the brand in Spring 2018.

Hip-hop and Puma go way back. While the most recent big name partnership for the shoe company was Rihanna’s award-winning Creeper shoe, Puma and rap can be found joined at the hip since the very beginning.

Queensbridge rap pioneer MC Shan made the shoe an unshakable part of his image. Ghostface would use the comfort of Puma sneakers as a metaphor for those who looked too comfortable around him. 3rd Bass explained rap label deals in the early 90s as exchanging one’s life for “a box of Newports and Puma sweaters.” Even Puma alumni Meek Mill’s finest hour on “Dreams and Nightmares (intro)” mentions “With that Puma life on my feet, like that little engine I could.”

Big Sean and Puma linking up coincidentally coincides with the 10th anniversary of Puma’s landmark celebration of their hip-hop connection with their Yo! MTV Raps collection.

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