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Hip-hop is still mourning the untimely death of Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller earlier this month at the age of 26. During an interview with Vibe, Big Sean shared quite the interesting way he and Miller first met.

It all started before Mac’s breakthrough K.I.D.S. mixtape was released when he was just a fan at one of Sean’s album signings. “We first met when he came to my meet-and-greet as a fan and said that he raps. I signed his mixtape…That same night I was performing, but he was poppin’. He hopped on the mic and everyone knew who he was. I wasn’t familiar with him…Ever since then, we’ve just always been cool.”

Sean first shared the story alongside Mac back in 2012 in this footage, which today is somewhat hard to watch. Still, it’s a testament to the unique bond these two shared.

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