Soundset just got a heavy dose of the Bay with today’s surprise announcement that E-40 will be playing the main stage this Sunday.

One of hip-hop’s most influential legends will be blessing Soundset this year as E-40 will descend upon the State Fairgrounds. Perhaps the greatest contributor to hip-hop slang, the most prolific collaborator and a long-tenured innovator of flows, E-40’s impact on the rap game cannot be overstated.

With over a quarter-century of releases, 40 has made songs with everyone from 2Pac and Too $hort to G-Eazy and Drake to T.I. and Tech N9ne to Murs and Lil Jon to UGK and ODB to John Cena and the Lonely Island. Come to think of it, it might be quicker to make a list of artists that the Bay Area legend hasn’t worked with, but that would probably already be obsolete by the time the period was dotted.

Additionally, 40’s also released the lines of adult beverages, so whether you’re a wine, mixed drink or beer person, 40 Water’s got your thirst quenched.

E-40 takes the main stage at 2:35 p.m. A certified hip-hop legend, this is a rare treat you do not want to miss.

Get details on the rest of Soundset’s lineup here.

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