We can stop the voting early, the best music video of 2018 has already arrived. Bruno Mars enlisted the always delightful Cardi B for the remix of his track “Finesse,” and the neo-proto-New Jack Swing of the production makes the perfect backdrop for a music video playing incredible tribute to 90s Fox sketch comedy show In Living Color

Directed by Bruno himself, the standard 90s broadcast television dimension and video quality really makes the tribute dead-on. Cardi makes for the perfect comedic foil, channeling the same comedic fun that Color presented, while Bruno holds down the dance moves that put the show’s Fly Girls on the cutting edge of ’90s hip-hop.

Universally loved and embraced, the video’s also found its way into the hearts of In Living Color‘s alumni. Damon, Kim and Marlon Wayans have all praised the clip, and Jennifer Lopez went as far as to respond to the “Finesse (Remix)” hoopla by posting one of her classic Fly Girl routines. Cardi responded to Ms. Lopez’s kind words on Instagram, stating “I {sic} though i was a fly girl doing the finesse video .Too bad after i jumped i was outta breath already.”

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