This weekend’s Coachella was historic for many reasons, one of which is the first meeting between two of the most lovable personalities in music – Cardi B and Nardwuar. The Invasion of Privacy rapper is known for not biting her tongue in interviews, and with Nardwuar’s ability to disarm even the most hardened hearts in hip-hop, expectations were high and they did not disappoint.

Nardwuar’s trademark showering of gifts for his guests was well-received by Cardi who remarked that she felt over-gifted at points. Still, the sheer delight with which Cardi covers Trina and Al B. Sure is nothing short of heartwarming. Nardwuar and Cardi go deeper as well, discussing Cardi’s mother’s musical tastes and how the shaped her life after her mother’s move to Upstate New York. The clip also marks the evolution of Cardi, as she mentions which of her stories she isn’t sharing any more with her own Motherhood on the horizon.

The entire interview, our current frontrunner for Best Picture, can be watched below.

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