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This weekend you have no shortage of new movies to catch at the cineplex, but if you’re looking for family fun, The Secret Life of Pets 2 just scratches that itch perfectly.

The second in Illumination Entertainment‘s most popular non-Minions franchise, here the city’s favorite furry friends leave their homes on four very different adventures that take an series of enjoyable turns. The animation really captures all the different breeds well, and while their lovable characters are clearly cartoonish by design, the nuances of how their real animal counterparts act is delightfully dead-on.

The voice talents this time are an improvement over the original as well. Kevin Hart and Dana Carvey  return, Patton Oswalt is a significant upgrade from Louis CK, and the additions of Tiffany Haddish and Harrison Ford keep things well-rounded and fun.

It’s a satisfying trip to the movies that just breezes by with plenty of moments for pet-owners and/or those who admire cute animals from afar to enjoy. Recommended.

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