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Now that we’re all mostly recovered from Avengers: End Game, it’s time to step back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking our hand and making it sticky is our favorite wall-crawler in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The good news is, the movie is fun and a strong indication that we have many more stories to be told from Earth’s mightiest heroes in the future.

I walked into Far From Home bias in two ways, both of which dealing with the new character Mysterio. As a lifelong Spider-Man fan, Mysterio was – as portrayed in the comics and cartoon – my all time favorite Spidey villain. Ever since the first Spider-Man hit theaters in 2002, the constant knock on Ol’ Fishbowl Head is that his character would be next to impossible to translate to the silver screen. Thus, 17 years and about ten movies later we finally get my boy on-screen, something that had me both excited and skeptical, especially with the trailers making him look like a hero.

This is a tough movie to discuss without dipping into spoiler territory, but I will say not only is the film full of welcome surprises, but we get just as much Peter as we do Spidey. The portrayal of the young Parker just wanting to go on a high school trip as his world adjusts to life after the “blip” (the movie’s term for when Thanos snapped half of reality out of existence) is incredibly relatable and really grounds the character in a stable reality for all the eccentricities of the universe around him to have a believable foundation on.

The most important thing is that it’s really, really fun. Far From Home doesn’t get bogged down with angst, nor does it make major elements of the story seem inconsequential. The square in me would call it “logical fun,” but really it’s about balance and caps off with one of the most satisfying mid-credit and after-credit scenes the genre’s ever had. Recommended.

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