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Any gamer worth their weight in quarters know the 1989 cult classic The Wizard. A road movie for kids starring Fred Savage, Christian Slater and Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, it fully captured the joyful hysteria of Nintendo taking over the world, as well as dealt with familial tension in a way that still emotionally resonates with viewers to this day.

After being out-of-print and hard to find for years, the good people at Shout! Factory just released a deluxe double-disc blu-ray special edition and it’s just what we needed! This new 4K scan of the film has never looked better, allowing the city and the pixels to fly off the screen!

Additionally, Shout! Factory continues to show why they’re the king of the extras with some fantastic additional features. There’s never-before-released deleted scenes, audio commentary, a great looking-back feature on the making of the film, a Q&A with the cast and crew – and fully capturing the spirit of the time there’s a feature on 80s video game play counselors and a clinical analysis of the characters!

The Wizard holds up because it first and foremost runs the gauntlet of emotions experienced by pre-internet era kids running away from broken homes to compete in a national video game tournament. The genuine heart and outstanding performances really allow for the nostalgia elements – from the Power Glove to the first appearance of Super Mario Bros. 3, to shine as a lovely side dish.

If you’re looking for a nice throwback escape, with some fantastic supplements, definitely give the Collectors’ Edition of The Wizard a spin.

Check it out here.

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