Chance the Rapper has a lot of reasons to celebrate turning 24 – from Coloring Book, to Saturday Night Live, to all points in-between.

Raising over $100,000 for his non-profit, SocialWorks, Chance the Rapper spent the night of this past Easter Sunday at Chicago’s Studio Paris Nightclub.

As if the elaborate birthday cake (see above) wasn’t enough, Chance’s birthday was also blessed by three very special guests.

The most surprising of which was Ludacris, who popped up at Chance’s party and perform his early-2000s standard “Move.” Also making an appearance was fellow philanthropist T-Pain who popped up to belt out “Buy U a Drank.”

But the one performance that Chance said moved him the most was brother Taylor Bennett surprising him with an aptly titled song “Only Brother.”

And while she wasn’t in attendance, we do have to give props to Ellen for her funny birthday tidings.

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