Chance York x Big Cats recently dropped their short film Deep Dark Hope which has been met with one of the summer’s warmest receptions. Go 95.3’s Sophia Eris checked in with Chance York to see how Deep Dark Hope came together! 

What inspired the name Deep Dark Hope?

I want Deep Dark Hope to mean something different to every person. It’s a concept I hope can resonate with anybody going through something. It’s like how they say bravery can’t exist without fear. Bravery is about not letting up and following through in the face of fear. The same can be said about hope and darkness. There is darkness in all of us, in the world, in pop culture, in our unconscious routines. Hope comes from accepting that darkness is a necessary part of wherever we are trying to go, and maintaining the belief that the sun will come back no matter how dark it gets.

How long did it take to create?

It took us about five weeks. We met with Erik Astle from CMNCLTR about shooting a video for a single off the Deep Dark Hope album. Spencer (aka Big Cats) and I were in between [deciding] which songs could be lead singles. Erik liked all the stuff he’d heard. Brainstorming how to create something unique, we watched Tierra Whack‘s, Whack World, and were inspired by how well it worked to showcase a of variety of characters and sounds. We wondered how we could refine that idea of showcasing a whole album without the budget of Beyoncé or Tierra Whack. The goal was set to create a film to showcase every song on the album and the diverse and dynamic nature of what it’s like to be me. That night, Spencer sent us the 4 minute “Supercut” of the album and we began making a list of potential scenes. Erik and I worked some tough deadlines, organized and executed over a dozen shoots, and pulled off something we believe is unique. It became a kind of life lesson for us, because we set some pretty ambitious goals and saw the universe – and supporters, help us to get there.

What other short films have inspired you? Do you feel this has led you to pursue other artistic endeavors?

One other short film comes to mind that personally inspired me. Working on the NINE.PM piece with David Maxwell showed me how to set my artistic sights higher. I learned to really notice the strengths in all the people around me and my gift to inspire them towards some very natural and fun outcomes. I’ve always been surrounded by artists of different disciplines that all love the practice/process. They do the thing because they love to do the thing. Bringing artists together and providing space for ideas to flow, toward some kind of intention or goal, is what I’m naturally good at. I’ll be making more video projects with CMNCLTR and will continue to expand beyond writing and performing to directing the look of things as well.

You are a man of collaborations from Parallax, to Crunchy Kids, to Eric Mayson, to Big Cats, etc. What are some of your dream collaborations?

So many dream collabs: Kaytranada, J.I.D., Billie Eilish, Outkast, Travis Scott, SiR, Anderson .Paak, Daft Punk, Jorja Smith, Dizzy Fae, Earthgang, Saba, Valee, The Internet, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, SZA, Lizzo (again) to name a few.

What is the legacy that you intend to leave for the next generation?

Life guarantees highs and lows. Celebrate it all and express it. The legacy I intend to leave behind is that it’s okay, maybe better, to be different. Take your craft seriously and practice for the love of it without expectation for what it’ll get you. Put stuff into the world that you want to see in the world and let that be your motive. Reinvent yourself often, not to be more like somebody else but to be more like yourself. Meditate to know your power and to find how limited and rigid perspectives cause problems for yourself. Words we repeat, become ideas, that become reality. Mean what you say or don’t and learn from it.

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