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There are a lot of movies in theaters right now. Some epics, some heroes, some children, some tears, and even a handful of dinosaurs all are presently flashing across the silver screen.

Great movies are great – you’ll never hear me and my B.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University dispute that – but there’s a movie out right now that absolutely deserves your attention. Something truly special.

I’m talking about Skyscraper.

I know what you’re thinking – “did Hollywood really reboot the 1996 action movie Skyscraper starring Anna Nicole Smith?” No, the only thing the two films have is common is a title and the (mild spoiler alert) presence of a skyscraper.

What Skyscraper (2018) offers is something very different and very unique in the modern movie going experience. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars and produces the film, ensuring the purest vision of what The Rock envisions cinematic excitement to be.

The film – at its heart – is about love empowering someone to overcome tremendous adversity. There’s so much heart, loyalty and honor at Skyscraper‘s core – it makes for a sturdy foundation a midst the awe-inspiring chaos surrounding it.

Boasting plenty of the familiar beats that we love from classic action films – making the pleasant surprise deviating from clichés all the more satisfying – Skyscraper is the greatest 80s action movie made this decade. Clocking in at an easy, breezy beautiful 102 minutes, the movie is all tenderloin and makes for ideal appointment summer theater viewing.

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