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As a lifelong fan and supporter of Bay Area rap legends The Coup, I’ll see anything involving the group’s lead MC: Boots Riley. When word emerged that he was directing a movie, I knew I was headed to the cineplex without even watching a single commercial or preview for it.

Not only were my expectations exceeded, the film’s twists and turns genuinely surprised me. As a jaded cinephile with a B.A. from New York University‘s Tisch School of the Arts, I’ve seen it all from Kenneth Anger to Samuel Z. Arkoff, and even with years of my life spent wandering video store, the big shift halfway through Sorry to Bother You sent me into existential hysterics.

Sorry to Bother You is about a California millennial struggling to find his calling in life, only to discover a talent for telemarketing which results in his ascension as he flirts with the darkest corner of capitalism before meeting his limit.

It’s hilarious. It’s shocking. It’s essential viewing for 2018. It’s in theaters Friday.

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