We can all use a break from the daily grind from time to time. Ben, Dana and Giselle understand this (they are up by 4am everyday so they really understand) and went the extra mile for a lucky but deserving listener and her company.  Thanks to a partnership with our local Pedal Pub, BD&G spent a few hours bar hopping in the amazing Pedal Pub cruiser.

Chelsea and her team work closely with children and adults alike with mental illness, a truly altruistic profession and a great reason why we felt that Chelsea and her team needed a little time to unwind amongst themselves.

The evening started in the North Loop at Modist Brewing Co. before making 2 more stops to Fulton and Inbound Brew Co.  Our resident videographer Zeke was along for the ride to document the fun. Check out the video below and good luck winning the next contest for more fun and laughs. Mornings suck less with BD&G and this one of many reasons why it pays to tune in weekdays from 6a-10a. To find out more about Pedal Pub and to book a party of your own, visit: https://pedalpub.com/


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