UPDATE: The Head and The Heart confirmed late last night on Twitter that they’ll be playing two nights at Red Rocks in Colorado this July with Hippo Campus! Hate to say I told you so! -Christy Taylor

When you’re as obsessed with music as I am, you tend to dig deep to try to find details about new stuff from your favorite artists. Yesterday, I noticed a cryptic tweet from our local favs Hippo Campus (win tickets to their Go Show here!), so I decided to put on my music reporter hat and investigate.

Pro-tip: Whenever your favorite artists start tweeting at one another using only emojis, that’s usually a sign that they’ve got some juicy news that their label won’t let them share yet! I decided to follow-up with The Head and The Heart to see if I could get them to reveal more info.

Go 96.3 has had a great relationship with The Head and The Heart for a few years now, so I figured they owed us at least a little more intel. Most folks would have left it there, but I knew the #GoFam wanted more, so I pressed on.

After checking the tour dates on their website, it looks like The Head and The Heart don’t have any scheduled shows for that date (1/8/19). That probably means they’re announcing a new tour, which usually means a new album, and this hopefully means Hippo Campus will be joining them for a few shows!

Here’s the moral of this story: It pays to be persistent with your favorite artists on social media!

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