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Everything you need to know about Christy in 3 words or less:

– FROM: New York-> San Diego->Minneapolis -> Phoenix -> Minneapolis (sorry, I broke the 3 word rule on this one)

– JOB: Go 96.3’s Program Director

– MUSIC: Enchants Me

– OPINIONS: I’ve got some

– LIFE: I live it

– SPORTS: Are fun live

– POLITICS: Interest/frustrate me

– NERD: Possibly – Syfy watcher

– TRAVEL: Yes, please

– PETS: Bubba, the bulldog

– FOOD: cheeseburgers, pasta, pancakes

– FITNESS: Hikes, gym, yoga

– VICE: Coffee, Hulu, Twitter

– BANDS: In 3 words!??!

– BOOKS: Love to read

– CONCERTS: My favorite activity

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