Just search “Coldplay” on social media and you’ll understand what 50,000 or so fans felt following a night with Chris Martin and Coldplay during their stop at U.S. Bank Stadium. The British alt-rock band’s “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” hit Minneapolis Saturday night.

Showing love for Prince, Vikings 

With random shoutouts to Prince and the Vikings, Coldplay easily won over a loud crowd that spent the majority of the two-plus hours on its feet during the 15-song set. 

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The subtle salute to Prince came at the tail end of “The Scientist” – the fourth song of the setlist – when Martin honored the late great with 30 seconds of “Raspberry Beret.” 

Call outs to the Vikings were common, with lines like “just take me to the place where the Vikings play,” and a preview of what’s to come at the end of Super Bowl LII as they blasted confetti on top of fans in the floor seats. 

At one point Martin stopped a song and begged fans to put their phones away so they could jump together – something he’s been doing regularly on the tour. But for Minnesota, he added a line saying it was a way for fans to “practice for the Vikings winning the Super Bowl.” 

Laugh if you must, but Coldplay have been to more Super Bowls than the Vikings in the last 35 years. 

Giving it all for Minnesota

“Good evening, everybody,” said Martin after performing “Yellow” in the second song of the night. “Thanks so much for being here and giving us your Saturday night. This is our 95th show of this tour. As far as we’re concerned, that’s 94 rehearsals for Minnesota – Minneapolis and St. Paul.”

First song of the night: “A Head Full of Dreams”

The encore: “Amazing Grace” in the voice of former President Barack Obama, which led to more music, including Coldplay’s hit song with the Chainsmokers, “Something Just Like This” (currently No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100). 

The tear-jerker: “Fix You” – you didn’t have to look far to see someone crying during the rendition of their 2005 hit off the X&Y album. 

The mistake: Martin stopped the band and had them restart “Something Just Like This” when he couldn’t hear himself. 

“We just f—– the whole show up,” he laughed. “I’m so sorry. We don’t practice enough.” 

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