The big game is just over a month away, and outside of the very real possibility that the ol’ pigskin will be in the hands of the Vikings, one of the most anticipated questions of this year’s Super Bowl 52 is: “What will Justin Timberlake‘s halftime show look like?” 

Of course, the last Timberlake was put in charge of the halftime show, the infamous Janet Jackson incident occurred. This history is leading some to speculate that Timberlake might use this platform to publicly make amends with Jackson, there also exists a chance that he might go to the opposite side of the spectrum and reunite with *NSYNC. 

It’s not like the boys aren’t on good terms. The last time Justin publicly reunited with JC, Lance, Chris and Joey was August 2016 for JC Chasez’s 40th birthday party. Prior to that, they were all ushers at Chris Kirkpatrick’s wedding and even proved they still had the ol’ steps down as part of Justin’s 2013 MTV Video Vanguard-winning VMA performance.  

Given how good it would be to see the boys back in town, let’s take a look at what the non-Justin members have been up to:

Lance Bass – Perhaps the most overtly-political of the boys – we assume his worldview stems from almost going to space a few years back – Bass became a staple of daytime talk television as a panelist on The Meredith Vieira Show. After that, he’s become a regular TV panelist/guest star/contestant with 2017 alone seeing him pop up in Battle of the Network Stars, Entertainment TonightThe $100,000 PyramidCelebrity Name Game, and more.

Chris Kirkpatrick – Immortalized as the member Eminem unconvincingly threatens in 2002’s “Without Me,” Kirkpatrick has largely been a family man as of late. 2017 saw the birth of his son Nash – seen here in an *NSYNC shirt – and the recent sale of his Florida mansion.

Joey Fatone – Widely since known as “the funny one,” JFats has had a busy 2018 already with the news that he’s set the be the grand marshall of the Hot Springs St. Patrick’s Day parade. Fatone also sent one of the funniest Christmas tweets, and runs Fatone’s, a hot dogs restaurant in Orlando.

JC Chasez – While he’s the one member who publicly said last month that there’s no chance for an *NSYNC reunion any time soon, we have reason to believe that JC is a kidder – c’mon JC, “all day long?” Last year JC acted in Paul Scheer/Rob Riggle/Topher Grace’s Opening Night, and seems to spend most of his time now supporting the arts and artists he digs on his Twitter.

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