You have an extra 59 hours and seven minutes on your hand and just itching for something to do? Well oh boy, do the AMC and Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chains have a treat for you.

They are showing marathon screenings of every Marvel movie leading up to the release of Avengers: Endgame on Thursday, April 26th. Now, most sane people would not even consider such a feat. Me? Well yeah, I am obviously among those sane people. I will not be doing this. But I am beyond fascinated with it so I want to breakdown some of the logistics if someone were to give up two-and-a-half days of your life this feat.

  • The 22 movies runtimes total 3,547 minutes in a movie theater. That is roughly two-and-a-half days of sitting.
  • The price of a ticket for the Alamo Drafthouse is $135 (couldn’t find AMC’s price), which really isn’t that bad of a deal at all given movie prices these days. You are paying roughly 6 bucks a movie. But….
  • A man or woman has gotta eat! You surely must be stuck with just movie theater food while you are there. Sure, movie theaters have classed things up a bit, but think of how expensive that would get after 60 hours. [Editor’s Note: Alamo Draft House has a full menu, so Dana can still get his wing fix]
  • I feel like this one would be a tough one to explain to the boss or loved ones. “I need three days off.” “Oh, going outta town?” “Yeah…something like that.”
  • There is no way you could stay awake for the entire run, right? You would need some sleep. You would have strategically pick your sleep movies, right? **Cough, Ant Man, cough***. But what happens if you or someone around you just started snoring like a chainsaw? Also, how freaked out would you be to wake up in a movie theater in the middle of the night?
  • Everybody should be handed a stick of deodorant as they walk into the theater. I cannot even imagine the stench of humanity after almost three days in the theater. That isn’t to say Marvel fans are smelly by any means, but you get that many people in one room eating junk food for that long? Woof.
  • So say you watch all 21 movies leading up to Avengers: Endgame. That is 56 hours sitting in your same stinky undies in the same theater with little to no breaks. Would you even enjoy the 3+ hour Endgame at that point? Or would you just be questioning every decision you ever made in your life and be counting down the minutes until you can shower/burn the clothes you are wearing?

Those are just a few of the thoughts that came into my head when pondering this herculean task. Please don’t think I am judging or making fun of anybody who wants to do this. Quite the opposite. I would be majorly impressed, even more impressed by somebody doing this than doing an Iron Man. The only cities currently doing this are Chicago, LA and New York, but I am hoping to track somebody down who pulls this off so I can interview them for the site…cause I got questions, yo.

Hope everybody enjoys Endgame later this month. May the…Marvel be with you…? Or something. I dunno. I am more of a Star Wars guy to be honest.

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