The news this week that Apple is starting their own streaming service with the very original name Apple TV+ (not a shock to anybody), but it is just further confirmation why I will never cut the cord on cable.

I get the appeal of cutting it. You feel like you are sticking it to big cable after years of annoying fees and long phone calls with tech support when your box crapped out. Also, who doesn’t like saving a few bucks, right? But the amount of streaming services has gotten ridiculous and it is only going to get worse. I summed up my thoughts earlier with a tweet.

It has just gotten to be too much. Finding what shows and movies are on what platform has gotten obnoxious. Live sports are almost unwatchable because of delays/lags and buffering. “Hey, wanna come over and watch the game? It will be 10 minutes behind Twitter and we get to watch it buffer every few minutes.”

Because of all this, I am here to state that I am firmly committed to #TeamNoCordCut. My cable aux cord will proudly remain intact! Yes, I can hear you already, you save a few dollars a month by signing up for some 3rd party internet, buying a Roku or Google Chromecast, and signing up for like eight different monthly-billed streaming accounts. No thanks. I will continue to pay for convenience of my beloved cable aux cord.

It may not be trendy, but I am leading the charge of #TeamNoCordCut. Cord lovers unite!

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