What is there to do when there is nothing to do? These are uncertain times we live in right now while seemingly everything from sporting events to concerts are getting cancelled or postponed. A lot of people will understandably be hanging home and avoiding going out to help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. Looks like we are going to have to make our own fun for a while. So I put together a few ideas to help you out. 

  • Watch THAT television series – You know, the one you love that isn’t as bingeable as say The Office or Friends. That favorite show of yours that is an investment and doesn’t lend itself well to catching an episode here or there, like say The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. Cue up season one, episode one and let it rip. 
  • Watch that OTHER television series – You know the one, the one where people go “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN (insert show)!!!” The show you know is great, but you just haven’t gotten around to it. Now might be your chance since you have some time on your hands. 
  • Write something – Writing is one of the most therapeutic things there is and something we should all do more often. Doesn’t matter what you write, just open up a document and write something. Write about your favorite movie, band, concert memory, whatever. Write a funny story about your dog as a superhero. Maybe just finally put words to page about a classic moment you and your friends had and email it to the group. “I was just thinking about that one weekend in Miami we were celebrating Tyler’s 30th birthday…”
  • Listen to your favorite album – And I mean really listen to it. All the way through. Not just the singles, listen to those deep cuts, too. Listen to them in order from front-to-back. 
  • Call a friend on the phone – Catch up with them in a way that Twitter banter and text messages cannot achieve. Even if it is someone you haven’t talked to in a while. They are likely as bored as you and will feel great you were thinking of them. 
  • Hook up that old gaming system – This won’t come as a shock to you, but I love classic video games. A lot of them hold up so well. Bust out that SNES or 64 from the closet and hook it up. Introduce them to your kids. Try to see if you can still beat Cradle on 00 Agent on Goldeneye like you could when you were 12 (warning…you probably cannot). 
  • Go down a YouTube wormhole – Search for something you like. Can be a subject, a person, a musician, a sports team. Watch a video. Then watch a video it recommends. Then watch a video it recommends from that video. Then watch a video it recommends from…you get the point. It is amazing how much stuff you discover the deeper you go. 
  • Play with your pet – Pretty self explanatory. 
  • Bust out a picture album – Young folks can skip this one, but for those of us that can remember what it was like to print actual pictures will know what I am talking about. I recently found an album from high school in my closet. It was amazing looking back at those pictures. Scan the pictures into your phone. Text them to your friends and have a laugh about how young and goofy you were. 
  • Get a sweat going – You would be amazed at how good of a workout you can get going in your living room even if you don’t have one of those fancy-ass bikes. You don’t even really need much equipment at all. It will help your body and help your brain from going into cabin-fever mode. Just Google at home workouts. 
  • Buy a gift card to your favorite local restaurants – A lot of local restaurants will be hurting with all of this but I saw this great idea on Twitter. Buy gift cards to your favorite local spots to use once things return to normal. It will help your neighbors in the meantime while business is sure to slow down. 
  • Cook something fun – You know those cool cookbooks you have that are basically just used as decorations to impress people when they come over? Crack one open and pick a recipe and give it a go. If it doesn’t turn out? Cook a Heggies frozen pizza
  • Lastly, and most importantly, listen to Go963 – SHAMELESS PLUG TIME!!! We will still be playing cool music day and night. You can always listen to us on your Alexa, Google Home, via our app, or your old school radio if you have one in your house.

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