I consider myself somewhat of an ‘idea man.’ I am always thinking of the next big idea that could turn into the next Amazon or Chia Pet. Here are a few of my latest ideas.

Craigslist Courier

How many times has this happened to you? You see a cool pair of rollerskates on Craigslist or a gently-used George Foreman Grill on Facebook Marketplace that you want to buy. You contact the seller but then get cold feet because you don’t want to get shived. 

Well, my friends, do I have a business idea that will change your life. Meet ‘Craigslist Couriers’ the middleman between you and the sketchy local purchase you want to make on the internet. 

Here is how it works: you find something you want to buy from some yahoo and you contact them to make a deal. Then you enlist the help of the Craigslist Couriers to assume all the risk for a small fee. Our trained employees will go, pick up whatever crap you wanted to buy, and deliver it safely to your house. Boom! No more getting stabbed in a Wal-Mart parking lot over a coffee table.


What is hot in 2020? Working out. And when it comes to working out there is nothing bigger than the PELOTON bike. You know the one, the fancy bike that has a monitor with a trainer telling you how hard to peddle and whatnot. 

Those are expensive. Who can afford a five grand workout device? That is why I am brining the same Peloton experience to the everyman and everywoman with DANATON. For a small fee I will load up a 1970’s exercise bike I inherited and bring it to your house. While you are peddling that badboy I will shout in your face just like the trainers in the real thing. I will probably also make a sandwich when the workout is over. That is part of the fee. Please make sure you have good bread before I arrive. 

Shirt Replacement Service

How often has this happened to you? You are out for a nice event, maybe a wedding or a VIP screening for the 30th anniversary of Kindergarten Cop and you spill something on your shirt and feel like an idiot. You used to have to stand around with everyone noticing how clumsy you are while they silently judge you. 

Not anymore! Now thanks to the Shirt Replacement Service you can get a fresh shirt delivered to you on the spot for a small fee. Not only that, they will take your messy shirt and have it dry-cleaned for you and delivered to your house. You now can go back to the party, look fresh, and not feel like everyone is mocking you for your dirty shirt. Now you’re back in the game thanks to the Shirt Replacement Service!

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