“The Quack Attack is Back, Jack!” There are reports all over the internet Tuesday that Emilio Estevez will reprise his iconic — a word I don’t use lightly — role of Gordon Bombay in the new Disney+ Mighty Ducks series.

We still do not know a ton about this series, in fact, Disney hasn’t even confirmed Emilio’s involvement in the project, but when has the internet ever steered us wrong? I was a little lukewarm on the idea of a reboot series when I heard the news but was willing to give it a shot, but now that the Minnesota Miracle Man is involved? I am all-in. I consider myself one of the foremost experts on the Ducks THRILLOGY. I even once wrote a deep statistical dive on the series. Needless to say my phone was blowing up with this news Tuesday afternoon.

No word  yet on if any of the other actors from the series be joining them. If you keep track of the former Ducks careers as I do then you know that none of them with the exception of Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway) are monumentally busy so here is hoping we get a few more in play. As we all know, Ducks Fly Together.

The only questions left are when will Disney+ be dropping this series and where will be having a #GoFam watch party?

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