It really is no secret that I love Nicolas Cage and think he is one of the greatest actors to ever live and one of the most fascinating people on earth. I say that without even an ounce of hyperbole. 

Needless to say the news about Disney finally making National Treasure III has me so excited I cannot sleep. I always knew Cage’s character Benjamin Franklin Gates would come back when the world needed him most. I keep thinking about what they could do in the third movie. How do you top stealing the Declaration of Independence and kidnapping the President of the United States? Here are a few ideas. 

  • Benjamin Gates saves our Democracy from the Russians – Been a while since we had a good ol’ fashioned movie where we get the best of the Ruskies. It has been like 35 years since Rocky took down Ivan Drago on Christmas Day. We are due. Since we cannot seem to stop them from messing with our elections in real life we might as well have a movie where Cage takes them down. 
  • Benjamin Gates BECOMES President of the United States – This seems plausible but I don’t think it will be because he was elected. The scenario that makes the most sense would be he has some because he has some cabinet position in the Presidential Line of Succession and ends up taking the Oath of Office in a Designated Survivor situation. Nic Cage has played a lot of roles but he has never played President. It is time. We deserve it. 
  • Something major is on page 47 of the Book of Secrets – One of the biggest mysteries in the National Treasure Cinematic Universe is what is on page 47 of the titular Book of Secrets from the second movie. After Gates kidnaps the President and finds out the book exists, the President tells him to take a look at page 47 but we never find out what is on page 47. This HAS to play into the third film. What could it be? Aliens? WORKS FOR ME!

We don’t have a release date yet for National Treasure III but it will be worth the wait. I say we throw a huge party for the release date to celebrate one of the finest film franchises to ever exist.

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