The Go 96.3 air staff was hanging out earlier this week talking about all the cool events we have coming the rest of 2018. That led us to going down a wormhole of all the cool things we have done with listeners and our favorite Go artists the past three years.

I thought I’d go down memory lane here on the website and share my top nine moments. Maybe you’re new to Go 96.3, or maybe you have been to some of the events on this list, either way I thought it would be a good reminder of what we are all about here at Go 96.3. We are a local station, with local ownership, local hosts, and we are constantly striving to hook up our local listeners with cool, one-of-a-kind experiences.

10. Kegger with Silversun Pickups

We had brewed a batch of our very own beer on Ben, Dana and Giselle. We figured we might as well share it with the Go Fam and invite one of our favorite artists. Brian and Nikki came and hung out, drank beer (it was actually pretty good!) and ate pizza.


9. Backstage with Brendon Urie

Panic! at the Disco played a sold-out show last year at Xcel Energy Center. We brought a group of listeners backstage to hang with Brendon before the show for a meet-and-greet. He is somehow even better looking in person.

8. Soundcheck party with Portugal, the Man

Our favorite band from Alaska was in town earlier this year for a for a pair of sold out shows at The Palace. We brought a group of winners to a private soundcheck party where we got to hear the boys rip it up hours before the show. The band hung out after, taking pictures and chatting with everyone. Couldn’t have been cooler guys.

7. Fall Out Boy Q&A in the Go Garage

Fall Out Boy had a show on a Sunday night in the fall of 2017. We had Pete Wentz and Andy Hurleyin the Go Garage for a Q&A session with a bunch of listeners. It was a hell of a lot of fun and Pete was as charming as you’d expect. At one point, he asked if everyone had tickets to the show that night. One guy said he didn’t have tickets so Pete reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair to give him. That’s rad.

6.  Modist Brewing with Cage the Elephant

We teamed up with one of our favorite breweries and favorite bands for a hangout session before Cage’s show at Target Center that night. We had a side room area to ourselves where a bunch of the #GoFam go to meet the band and drink beer with them.

5. Juice boxes and toast with Jukebox the Ghost

The boys from Jukebox the Ghost had a show at The Varsity earlier this year. We hosted a bunch of listeners to come hang with the band for what was called “Juice Boxes and Toast with Jukebox the Ghost.” They had toast and juice boxes for everyone. We all sat criss-cross-applesauce on the floor while they played some acoustic songs and answered questions. It was all so very zen. Couldn’t be cooler guys.

4. Lunch with Walk the Moon

For our second ever Ben, Dana and Giselle Trust Bus (the concept behind the Trust Bus is simple: we tell you where to meet us, we draw names to see who gets on the bus. You don’t know where the bus is going until we get on. Gotta trust us.) We took a bus to Great Waters which was right across the street from The Palace in St Paul where they had a sold out show. The band hung out, took pictures, and had lunch with everybody.

3. Pizza and arcade games with Judah and the Lion

Judah and the Lion are a band we have been playing before almost anybody else in the country. We have struck up a good vibe with them, so when we pitched the idea of renting out the local arcade Up-Down and having a bunch of listeners come eat pizza and play games with them, they were totally down. The boys also put on a killer acoustic set for the 30 listeners that won the chance to come hang. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon.

2. Listening party with The 1975

Matty and the boys from The 1975 were in town playing a show at First Avenue ahead of the release of their ‘I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.’ We invited a bunch of winners to 7th Street Entry before the show for a listening party of their album. The band hung out and jammed with everybody as we listened to the album literally off Matty’s phone with an aux-cord plugged in.

1. Video games with Twenty-One Pilots

We had hosted Tyler and Josh at our station for listener meet-and-greets a few times in the past leading up to their 2016 show at Xcel. We had become buds with them at this point so we decided to see if they would down to step it up a notch. We did a meet-and-greet at Xcel before the show with about 30 winners with one grand prize winner getting to go play video games with the boys before the show. Nothing like getting to play Rocket League with the boys before seeing them kill it at their first local arena show.

Right now we are running a Here and There contest to send someone not only to their sold-out show at Xcel, but also fly them to Nashville for their tour opener. We will also have more tricks up our sleeves as we get closer to their show in October. We have been down with Tyler and Josh since day one and know how passionate their fans are. We love doing cool stuff with them for the #GoFam.

Well that’s the list so far. But trust me, the best is yet to come. Keep listening to Go 96.3 and we will keep hooking everyone up with cool experiences.

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