Nostalgia is all the rage these days. Thanks to thousands of streaming service we have better access to the movies and TV shows we grew up. Sometimes that is great! Other times…not so much. In this series I look back at our childhood favorites to answer the simple question…’Does It Hold Up?’ Have something you want me to feature in this bit? Hit me up

Remember Brink? Of course you do. Anybody with a birthday in the 1980s remembers it. Here is my recap of if it holds up or not. 

Where Can You Watch It? 

You can watch Brink on Disney+. 

What I Thought At the Time 

I loved Brink as a kid. Everyone did! It was the best of the Disney Channel Original Movie and that isn’t even up for debate. I spent so many hours watching this in the basement where I grew up. 

Well…Does It Hold Up? 

It does! So well. In fact I kinda wanna get a Brink tattoo. It is so dumb but also so perfect…if that makes sense. I will ride or die for ‘Team Pup and Suds’ forever. The friendship between Brink, Gab and Peter is the best. Everyone should have a ‘Pup and Suds’ jersey in their closet. 

Also, did you know that the actor who played Brink also was the voice of Sid in Toy Story? I am serious. Look it up. Also, if you look at Val and feel like you have seen before? It is because he is Spike in Little Giants

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