I consider myself something of an idea man. Don’t believe me? Well I invented Netflix. OK, I am not technically credited with inventing Netflix, but I did have the idea. Back when I was a kid my parents wouldn’t take me to Blockbuster whenever I wanted…which was every single day. So I had the idea of a video store that delivered. Then those jerks stole it from me.

So here are my new ideas destined to make me a millionaire. Please don’t steal this. Or do, but just cut me in for half.

  • Party Pal – You know when you have a big party coming up? Maybe a bach party of some sort? You want to have the person there that is GUARANTEED to bring the fun, energy and positivity. That’s why you hire a professional partier from Party Pal. Somebody who is fluent in the language of party that is guaranteed to bring the charisma and fun to ensure that it is a night to remember. Brilliant. My first three hires will be @JohnSharkman, @Ampersandria and @tjdittrich.
  • Rent-A-Dog – Good boys and good girls make the world go round and bring so much joy and happiness. But not everybody is in a situation to own a dog. My solution? RENT-A-DOG! Rent a good boy or good girl for a few hours for some comfort and playtime. We would partner with local shelters. During the rental you can post on social about what a good dog they are to help them get adopted.
  • Restaurant Decider – The number one cause of stress and fights in marriage and relationships is trying to decide a restaurant. The app will put an end to all these. You give the app your location and a couple different types of food you want. It then spins the wheel and spits out a restaurant. Problem solved. Relationship saved.
  • Hangover Box – Delivery boxes are all the rage. Meal prepping kits. Clothes. Dog boxes. Well, I present to you….the Hangover Box. It is an opt-in service you can sign up for and when you need one, can have a box delivered to your house the morning after a night of partying, complete with Advil, Pedialyte, breakfast sandwich, Emergen-C, etc. You can either order one the night before when the night starts to escalate or order one the next morning when you wake up and just can’t even.
  • Emergency Shirt – How many times has this happened to you? You are out for a fun day with your friends but your shirt gets gnarly? Maybe you spilled buffalo sauce on it, maybe some beer gets on it, or perhaps it is a hot day and you just pit that sucker out. Everybody judges the sloppy shirt person. Solution? Emergency Shirt. You place an order and somebody delivers you a fresh shirt to wear to keep you having fun without looking like a slob.

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