I started a Quarantine Diary because, well, why not? I will update it most days, maybe even multiple times a day. Who knows? Nobody knows anything. Just gives us something to do each day. 

One silver lining about this whole thing is that film companies are finally releasing movies directly to our living rooms that were meant to hit theaters first. This is such a great idea and exactly what we need right now while we are all cooped up. 

Except there is one big problem about it. Universal Pictures has decided to not only refuse to release Fast and Furious 9 digitally, they are pushing back the release date AN ENTIRE YEAR. 

Yes, obviously, there are more important things going on to be upset about right now, but the world could use some Dominic Toretto. That is why I have been emailing execs at Universal Pictures pleading with them to release the movie directly to our TVs. Yes, I have that kinda time on my hands. 

Couple other random ‘tine musings:

  • Gonna have to brush up on my Roman Numerals if I continue writing these. I only know them from the Rocky movies. What the hell is the Roman Numeral for 6?
  • I moved about 9 months ago. I remember while packing/tossing stuff out thinking “Jenga? When would I ever play Jenga again?” I would Venmo somebody $500 for a Jenga set right now. 

Random Idea to Entertain Yourself: Remember the thing we all did as kids called Ding Dong Ditch? You ring the doorbell then run away and laugh behind a bush while the person answered the door and looked confused? You can do that during the ‘tine but in a positive way. Put a roll of toilet paper or a frozen pizza on your neighbors doorstep and Ding Dong Ditch them with a random act of kindness. 

Random Thing to Watch: Not only does he have a great name, but Dana Carvey is also one of the funniest people to ever live. Here is his 1995 special in its entirety on YouTube. I taped this off TV as a kid and watched it so much the tape literally broke. 

Quarantine Hero of the Day: Big props to chef Justin Sutherland and chef David Fhima for putting together a market to give excess food from their restaurants to anybody who needed it. One positive of this whole thing has been stories like this where people step up to help out others. Props to two cool dudes doing whatever they can to help out. 

Alright, that’s all I got for today. Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there. Let me know if you need anything.

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