The trailer for the ninth Fast and Furious movie ‘Fast Saga’ came out Friday. Unlike other movie franchises, it didn’t just appear on the internet one random morning. Instead, it came out during a concert event in Miami during Super Bowl weekend featuring Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris and others. A ridiculous and wonderful event fitting only for a movie series that has seen cars pull down a cargo jet, cars jump jump between skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, and the first-ever submarine/car chase in cinema history. 

As the creator of the #ConfirmedFast and owner of multiple pieces of Dom Toretto-related jewelry I felt it was my duty to share my thoughts on the trailer. 

  • We need to start with the bigger of the two big reveals. JUSTICE FOR HAN!!! The beloved character Han played by Sung Kang is alive! Fans have long wanted justice for Han after Jason Statham’s character killed him in the third film (which came happened chronologically between films six and seven, I know. It is confusing) and it looks like director Justin Lin brought him back. Not sure how they will write him back into the fold. That car explosion looked pretty deadly. But who cares? Fast has never worried too much about things like logic and that is part of the magic. This isn’t even the first time a character presumed dead has returned. Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty Ortiz was brought back in Fast Six after “dying” in Fast and Furious. I am so happy Han is back. The casual, cool dynamic he added to the franchise had been missing the last two films. His entrance eating from a bag of chips in the trailer was the perfect nod for hardcore Fast fans like myself. 
  • Now to the second big reveal: John Cena plays a character named Jakob who is the brother of Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto. I’ll be honest, not sure I love this move! Cena is great and I am happy he is in the movie, but having him be Dom’s long-lost brother seems a bit off. Dom says the word “family” 9,827 times throughout the first eight movies and the fact he has a badass younger brother who was always envious of him never came up? But again, it is Fast. Don’t overthink things. 
  • The trailer didn’t reveal too much about the plot. Surely this was just the first trailer to come out between now and May 22nd. But it appears Dom and Letty were trying to live a quiet life on the farm when…well…Dom’s brother Jakob teams with Charlize Theron’s character Cipher to takedown Dom and the family once and for all. Good enough for me!
  • I was happy to see they didn’t show off a ton of big set pieces in the trailer. There were was a magnet plane and Dom/Letty in a car swinging across a huge body of water via a broken bridge cable…but nothing major. 
  • It was so cool to not only see Jordana Brewster’s character Mia not only back in the fold but kicking ass as well. I thought it was pretty shortsighted to keep her out of the last film just because her on-screen husband Paul Walker passed away. Glad they corrected that mistake. 
  • Speaking of Paul Walker, there had been rumors of his character Brian O’Connor returning in some way, either in flashback footage or another combination of CGI with his brothers as stand-ins like they used in the past, but there wasn’t any evidence of that based on the first trailer, which isn’t surprising. 
  • Also as expected, there were no appearances or references to The Rock and Jason Statham’s characters Hobbes and Shaw. There is no word either appear in the movie and if they do they will be keeping that as a surprise, more than likely for a post-credit sequence to set up Fast 10 which is said to be the final installment. 
  • Overall, I loved it. Obviously. That shouldn’t come as much of a shock. These movies have brought me so much joy in my life and I am positively giddy for the May 22nd. Stay tuned because we are looking into setting up an exclusive screening just for the #GoFam…

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