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A few thoughts about crowning Ken Jennings the GOAT Tuesday evening, thoughts on the tournament overall, and where we all go from here. 

  • Congratulations to the GOAT Ken Jennings. That was some damn good Jeopardy! he strung together, having to completely change his style of play in order to hold off James Holzhauer. He is a truly deserving champion and I got a little emotional seeing how happy/relieved/thrilled he was to grab that trophy from Alex. Ken is probably the best known and most beloved Jeopardy! player ever. His 74-game win streak in 2004 changed the game forever and helped make it what it is today. There is no one more player more deserving of the title ‘Greatest of All Time’ than him. He has and will continue to be a great ambassador for Jeopardy!
  • Major props must go to James Holzhauer, however. He was right there with Ken in two of Ken’s three victories. The way he stormed back to make what looked like another Ken runaway was incredible to watch. A couple bounces go his way and it is him holding the trophy. As Ken tweeted last night, if they run this thing back 12 times they would probably all win four each. 
  • I feel for Brad as he had a tough tournament, but I am not here for people mocking the dude. Brad has won FIVE Jeopardy! Tournaments. No other player has won more than one, which includes Ken — the GOAT was his first and only tournament win. Remember, this tournament was filmed in a day or two, the guy just had a rough day where he wasn’t the sharpest. Doesn’t take anything away from his legacy. 
  • What is that cheesy quote people use after breakups? “Don’t be sad that it is over, just be happy that it happened?” Well, I am very happy that it happened but I AM SO DAMN SAD it is over. I wanted to go for a walk last night while listening to ‘Dust in the Wind’ on a repeat. So what now? I encourage people to watch the daily Jeopardy! shows, especially if you caught the itch from the GOAT. DVR it if 4:30PM is a tough time for you to catch it. Watch it with the family when everyone gets home. You never know when the next James, Brad or Ken will appear. It is great daily entertainment. Find new players you love and root for them to qualify for the next Tournament of Champions.
  • Everybody now has been wondering when there will be more prime time Jeopardy! after the GOAT. If ABC has their way it will be sooner than later. The ratings for this tournament were MASSIVE and there is no doubt ABC had to bummed that Ken won it so quickly and they didn’t get three more nights out of this. But will Jeopardy! want to do anything? I feel like it would have to make sense for them and they wouldn’t want to force it. How do you top the GOAT? A Mini Goat tournament of the next tier down of players? That wouldn’t get the same hype. A tournament where first and second place winners get a shot at Ken? I am not sure what would work. I certainly cannot picture them just running back the GOAT tournament. So who knows. Maybe they just move the next Tournament of Champions to prime time. That might make the most sense. 
  • Lastly, we must salute the true GOAT of all of this — Alex Trebek. He continues to be the greatest of all time and he brought his usual charm, grace, and sense of humor to this spectacular tournament. I really hope this isn’t the last big tournament we see Alex host, but if it is, what a way to go out. Handing the trophy to Ken, hugging all three competitors. What a moment. We love you, Alex.

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