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It is a situation we all have been in. There is a concert on the calendar and you can’t find anybody to go with. Or maybe you have a buddy that bails on you the last second. What do you do? Punt on the show?

Absolutely not. There is no shame in rocking a concert solo. I am a big proponent of what I affectionately refer to as the ‘Solo’ or ‘Soloing.’ Movies, restaurants, concerts, anything. We need to remove the stigma about rolling solo. It really is quite amazing. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You don’t have to worry about losing your friends. How annoying is it when you end up spending half of the show trying to track down people after you get separated?
  • Going to a concert solo is a great way to meet people. As I mentioned in recent Ask Wessel, this is especially true with the concerts we throw at Go 96.3. By coming to any of our events, shows, Trust Buses, whatever, you are automatically part of the Go Fam and friends with everyone. I can’t tell you how many friendships have been formed at Go events. Never feel like you are showing up to a Go event “by yourself.” You are heading to one of our events to meet up with the rest of the Go Fam.
  • You can stand wherever you want when you go solo. Feel like hanging back by the bar? Let it rip. Is this the type of show you want to be so close your elbows are on the stage? Make it happen. When you go by yourself you call all the shots. You can move around and take the show in from every angle.
  • You’ll notice so much more of the show. When you don’t have a posse to keep track of you can just be in-the-moment and focus on nothing but the band. After all, that is why you are there, right?

So never feel shy or embarrassed about rolling up to a show by yourself, especially if it is one of our Go concerts. If you are ever feeling nervous about going solo just email me and I will come meet you at the gate. See you all at GoFest 18. No excuses.

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