I started a Quarantine Diary because, well, why not? I will update it most days, maybe even multiple times a day. Who knows? Nobody knows anything. Just gives us something to do each day.

Little bit of good news for those who enjoy the radio program we do every weekday from 6-10am. We are set to head back to the studio Monday after a 14-day lockdown! Ben is feeling better and has been cleared to return. During the two week stretch I have felt just fine and dandy. So we are back come Monday.

Doing the show from home for two weeks was definitely a unique and fun challenge. We appreciate everyone who listened along with us during that adventure. We did the best we could in a tough spot, but are understandably not going to be submitting recordings of those shows to the radio hall of fame. 

A big shoutout to our boss Christy Taylor who worked tirelessly to make sure we could get on the air every morning by going in and running things behind the scenes during our show. She worked even longer hours than she usually does while we did the show in our undies and robes from our basements. She rocks. 

So listen on Monday when we get the full show back up and running and have all our usual bits back up and running. Much like any job, you can do a radio show from home, but it goes a lot smoother when you can get back to the studio. 

Hopefully by writing this I didn’t just jinx this and we once again have to do the show from home because one of us spiked a fever and the other had to get a double-hand amputation because of a freak toaster accident. BUT! The plan, knock on wood, is to be back in the studio Monday. 

Couple random ‘tine musings….

  • Could this be the weekend I have a few beers and decide to try giving myself a haircut?! Stay tuned!!!
  • I never knew how exciting it was to look out my window at the liquor store across the street and watch the trucks unload stuff. That’s that ‘tine life tho. 
  • A lot of talk about what the new greeting will be since we are done with hand-shaking. My vote is still with the DX chop. 
  • Another thing I have learned during the ‘tine? You can take the world’s supply of almond butter and blast it into the sun. Woof. Who goes to the store and says “hmmm, should I get some delicious peanut butter for $2.99 or spend $12 on a jar of melted sawdust they call almond butter?”

Quarantine Hero of the Day: Guy Fieri! You think a global pandemic could keep the Mayor of Flavortown from highlighting and supporting local restaurants during this time of need? Hell no. He is doing Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Takeout starting tonight for the next three Fridays. Episodes he taped from his house while talking to chefs of restaurants across the US. Guy Fieri continues to be one of the great leaders of our time. 

Random Idea to Entertain Yourself: It is looking like it will be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow in the Twin Cities. Go outside (SAFELY) and enjoy one of those small pleasures you haven’t gotten to do in a while, like throw the football around or have a drink on the deck. 

Alright, that’ll do it for today. Sorry it had been a while since I updated this. I had been in a bit of a ‘tine funk. I will get better at more regular updates. We got this! Let me know if you need anything. 

  • Volume XII – Beware having too much Vitamin C during the ‘tine. 
  • Volume XI – I hurt my butt cheek during the ‘tine. 
  • Volume X – How to get better sleep during the ‘tine.
  • Volume IX –  Unsung movies that flew under the radar to watch during the ‘tine.
  • Volume VIII – Zoom happy hours are great, but don’t forget about old school mail. 
  • Volume VII – Top five Office episodes in honor of the 15th anniversary. 
  • Volume VI – Inventing ways to pass the time during the ‘tine. 
  • Volume V – How much better a ‘tine is in 2020 than 2000. 
  • Volume IV – Movie studios are finally figuring it out during the ‘tine. 
  • Volume III – Video of me hosting a recorder concert to pass the time. 
  • Volume II – How the crockpot can be your best friend AND worst enemy during the ‘tine.
  • Volume I – Welcome to the quarantine.

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