You may have heard that a big TV show about dragons and Starbucks cups came to an end on Sunday night. That got me thinking about my favorite series finales of all time. Here is the DEFINITIVE LIST! If you disagree, you are wrong. Just kidding. TV is a subjective. We all like different things. But here are my top 10.

10. Entourage – Just kidding. I could only think of nine that really spoke to me. But 10 is like a nice round number and whatnot. Anywho, onto the real list.

9. Seinfeld – It’s not as bad as people make it to be! It was a weird and pretty bizarre, but wasn’t that kinda the point of the show? Those four awful people finally get called out for the awful stuff they had done over the previous nine seasons and end up in the clinker. I dug it.

8. The Wonder Years – A truly wonderful coming of age show. The final voice over just gets you with a punch of emotions right to the feels. Kevin and Winnie married other people but remained best friends. Mr. Arnold passed away a few years later. Wayne ran factory. “And the thing is…after all these years, I still look back…with wonder…”

7. The Sopranos – Probably the most controversial series finale of all time. The screen just cutting to black left all of us thinking our cable went out. I hated it at first, mostly because I was a dumb of a box of rocks college kid, but have grown to love it over the years. Expecting anything

6. The Office – Sure, those last few seasons went off the rails a bit (although I enjoy them more now than I did at the time), but they reigned things in for a very sweet and fitting finale. Michael Scott returns with a perfect line, “That’s what she said.”

5. Breaking Bad – A finale that was very satisfying even though the immense hype and build up around it. I thought for sure I would be letdown, but it worked for me. Chain gun! Jesse Pinkman escaping and driving off into the distance. ‘Baby Blue’ playing as Walter White lays there dying. **Chefs kiss**

4. Parks and Recreation – I remember absolutely heave-crying to this one. The residents of Pawnee, Indiana captured our hearts like few other shows ever. Seeing them ride off into the sunset was beautifully done. The ‘We Love You, Harris’ graphic at the end was the perfect final shot.

3. The Wire – The perfect ending for the perfect show. Nothing was wrapped up in a tidy little box because that was the point of the show. Life goes on. The drug trade goes on. Nothing changes. The game is rigged. Plus, the Irish Wake for McNulty always makes me smile.

2. Friday Night Lights – A very sweet, fitting finale for all our beloved friends from Dillon, Texas. The time lapse at the end is perfect. East Dillon winning state. The Riggins brothers building a house. Coach Taylor leaving Texas so Mrs Coach can take her dream job. Texas forever.

1. Cheers – My favorite show of all time and the perfect finale. Sammy, with the help of his pals, realizes his one true love will always be his bar and his friends. It was comforting knowing that universe was just going to continue, we just no longer got to watch. Also gets bonus points for the best final line ever. “I’m sorry, we’re closed.”

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