Photo: Blue Door Pub

“Sure could go for some wings.”

It is something I say, and tweet, on just about a daily basis. Doesn’t matter what time of day, when I wake up at 4am for work or late-night at a bar, wings sound good for every meal. I talk a lot about wings on our show and on social media so people frequently ask me for wing ‘mendations. I figured I’d put a top-10 list on the internet to help people wing their best lives in the Twin Cities.

10. The Monte Carlo – Downtown Minneapolis – Whenever people are discussing the best wings in the Twin Cities on the internet, this place always comes up. Honestly? I find them a bit overrated, but wanted to include them anyway just to minimize the hate mail that comes from ranking wings. People are passionate about their wings…as they should be.

Photo: Iron Door Pub

9. Iron Door Pub – Uptown Minneapolis – A sneaky-good wing spot on the corner of Lyn-Lake. They have a few different flavors, including spicy moroccan and sriracha honey, but I suggest going with the blackened buffalo. A+ wing.

8. Mackenzie Pub – Downtown Minneapolis – A real hidden gem in downtown Minneapolis that doesn’t get enough love for their wings. They slow-smoke their wings with some real TLC and you can taste it. Place has a real cozy feel to it too. Add them to your wing list if you haven’t already.

7. Sweeney’s Saloon – St Paul – Some of the best wings in St. Paul. These are the classic pull-apart wings that come out swimming in sauce. I wouldn’t suggest eating them in front of a date you are trying to impress because you will have sauce everywhere, but definitely a plate of wing nirvana.

Photo: Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar

6. Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar – Northeast Minneapolis – Mac’s is a wing darling in Northeast. They do wet and dry wings with a ton of flavors. Bonus points for selling wings by the pound. That is my kinda wing spot.

Photo: Blue Door Pub

5. Blue Door Pub – St Paul, Como, Longfellow and Uptown – I know everybody thinks Blucy (the Blue Door version of the Juicy Lucy) when they think Blue Door, but trust me, they’re a winger’s paradise. They have 10 flavors so there is something for everyone. They also allow you to do a half-and-half order to try two different sauces. More wing places need to do this move.

4. Green Mill – Various locations – The only traditional chain restaurant that makes my list. I love the Mill wings so much — especially the Diablos — that they were on the menu of my Groom’s Dinner. Mill has high quality wings and a variety of sauces. They also feature prominently on the twice-daily happy hour menu for some early and late night wing action.

3. Bunny’s Bar & Grill – Northeast Minneapolis & St Louis Park – Two words: Kings Royal. The best dry rub wings in town for my money. They also have the traditional buffalo and other flavors, but the Kings Royal is where it’s at when hanging at Bunny’s. Also, the late night special of 6 wings for $2.50 is one of my favorite deals in town.

Photo: D Spot Wings

2. D-Spot – Oakdale – The folks at D-Spot are like the mad scientists of the wing game. You want some wings that taste like Reese’s? They got you. Wanna try some wings called the Widow Maker? They might make you sign a waiver, but they got you. The wings here are amazing, whether you want a classic or try a flavor you never even dreamed could exist, and is a spot every wing-enthusiast needs to visit.

1. Runyon’s Tavern – Downtown Minneapolis – The thing that makes Runyon’s the best wings in the Twin Cities, for me, is their simplicity. I am an OG winger and I love the no frills approach to wings at Runyon’s. They specialize in traditional buffalo wings served piping hot — and they do it better than anyone.

So there you have it, there are my top 10 wings spots in the Twin Cities. What did I miss? What do I need to try? Maybe we’ll turn this list into a recurring beast that gets updated. The wing chase never ends. Let’s keep discovering great wing spots together.

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