I started a Quarantine Diary because, well, why not? I will update it most days, maybe even multiple times a day. Who knows? Nobody knows anything. Just gives us something to do each day. 

Before we get going I just want to say for the record I definitely had to google what the Roman Numeral was for six to write the headline for this post. 

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of the ‘tine diary. I know we are all bored right now and struggling coming up with stuff to do. You have to get creative. I want to share the story about the time my friend John Sharkman and I invented Roof Ball one lazy summer afternoon. 

Roof Ball — the sport of the future! — is a game where you stand on a rooftop deck or balcony while your car is parked below. You then take a football, preferably Nerf or Vortex, and try to land it into the sunroof of your car. Boom. ROOF BALL! The sport of the future. 

Try something like this to pass time during the ‘tine. Invent a dumb sport. Being able to create your own fun is a very admirable trait. Get creative. Get weird. 

Couple other ‘tine musings…

  • I got a notification that a prescription is ready for me to pick up and I feel like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. SOMETHING TO DO! I GET TO GET A BOTTLE OF PILLS FROM THE CVS DRIVE THRU!!!! WOOOO!!
  • What are we going to do about haircuts? I have a scissors and buzzer thingy. Think I should see if my wife wants to give me a haircut the next time she has a few glasses of wine?
  • Downloaded Words With Friends for the first time in years. Started playing my friend Christina and opened the game with ASS because, well, of course I did. 

Random Thing to Watch: You might have missed it last week because of the whole ‘tine thing going on and all, but it was March 16th aka Austin 3:16 Day! Celebrate with this seven minute supercut of Austin giving Stone Cold Stunners. 

Quarantine Hero of the Day: Everybody in the great city of Denver. It was announced that liquor stores and weed dispensaries were no longer considered “essential businesses” so they would be closed Tuesday at 5pm. Well, the heroes of Denver rose up to fight back against The Man. The lines and crowds at the booze and weed spots were so massive that the governor had to overturn the ruling. The Beastie Boys would be proud of the effort Denver showed fighting for their right to party. 

Alright, that’s all I got today. Read past entries below. Reach out if you need anything. We are all in this together.

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