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Logic‘s performance of “One Day” with Ryan Tedder at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards seemed pretty reminiscent of a certain other landmark rap performance. 18 years ago, that same Radio City Music Hall stage saw Eminem take home top Video of the Year honors after what may be his most iconic television performance.

Eminem recreated the factory scene from his VMA-sweeping “The Real Slim Shady” clip by having rows of look-alikes follow him into building to the stage.

Logic flipped the concept by having a very different looking ensemble follow him, promoting his inclusive “Everybody” message, with their only shared characteristic being t-shirts that read “We Are All Human Beings.” Or at least, that’s how it seemed…

The people joining Logic on-stage are all currently facing immigration issues. Leave it to Logic to pay homage to hip-hop history while still using his platform to draw attention to a major issue.

Compare and contrast below:

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