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Today Go 95.3 received an anonymous tip alleging that, on Tuesday December 4 of this year, SZA quietly released a full album under the alias “Sister Solana.” As if that weren’t enough, Kendrick Lamar allegedly has two features on the album under the name “King Kenny.”

Usually the internet is quick to make these discoveries, but here – if this really is SZA – it makes for one of the best hidden secrets in a long time.

According to Spotify, Sister Solana has only 306 monthly listeners with 5 followers, with the majority of her plays coming from India.

The album is named Comethru, with the tracks “Bed” and “Crck Drmz” listed as the singles.

It’s a curious discovery as, while the album is on Spotify, at press time the YouTube links to the project are “unlisted” and an Amazon search results in a “Page Not Found” alert.

The few who have discovered it have noticed some sonic similarities to SZA’s work – such as the title track bearing more than a casual resemblance to SZA’s 2016 track “2AM.”

So, what could this be? An unreleased old album? A new re-working of her catalog? A bootleg release unaffiliated to SZA thrown-up for some quick streaming cash?

Or is it the world’s greatest SZA impression? We’ll update this story as it progresses.

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