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Listen folks, despite the well known adage that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” when it comes to releasing recorded music, you can’t just start copying great ideas that you wish you had come up with.

In this case, indie rockers Portugal. the Man are accusing recently-reunited teen pop trio the Jonas Brothers of ripping off their P.tM’s worldwide smash-hit “Feel it Still” for their reunion single “Sucker.”

The movement to take the JoBros to task for this alleged bit of style-bitting began last week after P.tM began retweeting their fans who had noticed the stark similarities between the songs.

Nice. Hell, even beloved sandwich chain Potbelly weighed in:

At first, it seemed like P.tM would be content to let their fans speak on their behalf, but eventually the band decided to comment directly on the matter:

As of the time of this article’s publishing, the JoBros have yet to respond to P.tM’s claims, although that doesn’t mean that the bands’ respective representatives haven’t been in contact about the issue. Generally, if the steal-er is “currently more famous” than the steal-ee, these things tend to get settled out of public eye. Here’s hoping that the Portugal boys get a big, Disney-sized check coming soon!

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