As of this month, DJ Bonics is hosting the midday slot on Go 95.3. Tune in to Minnesota’s modern hip-hop channel between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays to hear a host who has built a massive career in music.

“A lot of radio DJs, when they come to a new city, have to prove themselves to their audience,” the Philadelphia native recently told GoMN. “Like, ‘Hey, I’m cool, I’m speaking behind a mic. Believe me because I’m jazzy. Hey!’ People who know who I am because of the experience. You’re not just buying into someone talking behind a microphone.”

So, what exactly are his credentials? On top of a decade-plus working as a DJ and a radio host, Bonics has been hip-hop superstar Wiz Khalifa’s tour DJ and music director for the past seven years – from South Africa to Saturday Night Live.

When it comes to turntable technique, he’s a two-time Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championship finalist. “I’ve always taken DJing as a craft,” he said. “Turntablists like DJ QBert, who is also Filipino, made me really believe that there’s a place for Asian-Americans in hip-hop.”

Another key ingredient of his shows: Bonics shares some genuine feelings.

After cueing up Chance the Rapper’s gospel-tinged “Blessings” at the top of a recent show, he continued with positivity: “Remember, if someone hates on you, that’s a reflection of them, not you.”

He then laced together three straight from Kendrick Lamar to encapsulate the hip-hop community’s anticipation for his latest album, DAMN. It’s like that friend of yours with an amazing crate of records – obviously some Wiz exclusives – that he’s eager to share.

“Bonics loves the music and lives the lifestyle – add in the fact that he’s great on the radio – and we’ve added another dynamic personality to Go Radio,” said Go: president & COO Sam Gagliardi. “He’s a perfect fit.”

Find out how Bonics got his name, his craziest tour experience with Wiz Khalifa, and more in the video below.

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