HOODIES UPDATE: FIRST GOAL of 1,000 hoodies met this week and their still coming in by the box, bag or arm full! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

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Join DJ Bonics on his quest to collect gently used (or new) hoodies to make Minnesota not just the land of 10,000 Lakes but also the Land of 10,000 Hoodies.

After moving to Minneapolis two years ago, DJ Bonics recognized how many people are affected by the harsh winters. This project serves as a reminder that we all have something to give. By donating a sweatshirt, you are providing someone in your community with warmth and comfort that lasts beyond a Minnesota winter.

Here is how you can get involved:
Bring hoodies to Go Radio: 420 N 5th Street Suite 150, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (check back for more locations to be announced)
Buy a hoodie at 10khoodies.com
Ship a hoodie to:
ATTN: Brandon Glova
PO Box 8112
Minneapolis, MN 55408-3103
Share your story on Instagram with the hashtag #10KHoodies

The first batch of hoodies collected (with a goal of 1,000) will be delivered to Sharing & Caring Hands Shelter in Minneapolis, which provides clothing to people in need all over the Twin Cities metro area. 

Bonics grew up with hip-hop and noticed a major emphasis on buying new clothes and accessories but less of a focus on giving. In a culture where there is a lot of materialism, he wants to create an awareness of how we can share the abundance.  Additionally, we encourage you to include new and packaged personal hygiene products which can be shipped or set in the boxes at the drop off locations. If you are able, please attach a small and encouraging handwritten note to the hoodie that you are donating.

ANOTHER HOODIES UPDATE: Getting close to his first goal of 1,000 Hoodies!



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