Nostalgia is all the rage. Thanks to thousands of streaming service we have better access to the movies and TV shows we grew up with than ever before. Sometimes that is great! Other times…not so much. In this series I look back at our childhood favorites to answer the simple question…’Does It Hold Up?’ Have something you want me to feature in this bit? Hit me up

Welcome to ‘Does It Hold Up?’ In this edition we are going to take a look back at the 1994 Disney family comedy Blank Check

Where Can You Watch It? 

Blank Check is most easily accessible on Disney+ since I feel like everyone on earth either has Disney+ or has swiped a password from a buddy. It is also on YouTube, Amazon, Google and the rest if you feel like paying $2.99 to catch it…but I would read the rest of this article before you do that. 

What I Thought At the Time 

Man, the premise for Blank Check was the dream fantasy for every kid growing up. For those unfamiliar or do not quite remember, Blank Check is about a kid named Preston who dreams of being rich so he no longer has to live in his nice suburban house with his well-meaning parents. Oh, the horror! He ends up with a million bucks he swindles from a crook and goes on a shopping spree where he buys a castle, go-karts, limo service, etc. 

I loved this movie growing up. I feel like everyone in my age wheelhouse did. It was kinda like Big except the kid didn’t have to get a job to earn the money and cool lifestyle. Every kid who saw this movie dreamed about how they would spend their million dollars and how they would tell their elementary school to hit the bricks. 

Well…Does It Hold Up? 

Uhhhhhh….that is a hard no on Blank Check. I am not going to even make any suspense out of this one. It is one of those movies where you just feel like an idiot that your younger self liked it so much. 

Besides the obvious flaws of logic that I won’t get into (it is a kid’s movie, of course this wouldn’t be plausible, ya dumbass) it is just a rough watch. Movies like these all depend on the kid playing the lead character. Home Alone would have been hot trash and forgotten if it weren’t for Culkin. The kid who played Preston? He is no Culkin and it is painful to watch as an adult. 

Acting aside, there are some pretty problematic aspects of the movie, with the biggest being a kiss between Preston and his female love interest. Nothing wrong with a couple kids sharing a kiss…but the problem is Preston is 12 and the female is an adult undercover FBI agent who is at least 20 years older than he is. They even set-up a date for when Preston is presumably 18. Not OK!

Only saving grace is appearances by a couple great “Oh! That guy!” character actors in James Rebhorn and Michael Lerner

So there ya go, friends. Leave your fond memories of this one alone and don’t go down the nostalgia-searching rabbit hole with Blank Check.

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