When Kendrick Lamar’s new album dropped, the only thing more exciting than the instant classic in our hands for Good Friday was the prospect of Kendrick possibly dropping another album on Easter Sunday.

Rumors spread rapidly that Kendrick hid numerous hints throughout the project that he was going to come through with a follow-up album, but like all internet conspiracies, it was proven to be wrong. Way wrong. In fact, the exact opposite happened when Kendrick *didn’t* release another album.

Naturally, this caused someone on Reddit to eat a vinyl record.

You really shouldn’t do that.

Reddit user /u/CousinTyrone promised he’d eat a vinyl album if another project wasn’t dropped and, unlike all internet promises, he actually followed through on it.

After verifying with Poison Control that there was no immediate danger in eating a vinyl record (other than potential shards of vinyl slicing up his digestive track), Tyrone blended the record into a milkshake, consumed it, and then took several laxatives to hopefully pass it all as quickly as possible.

He doesn’t seem to have enjoyed the experience. We’re not going to tell you what to do, but with Record Store Day this Saturday, we’d suggest no matter how delectable that limited edition picture disc of Toto’s “Africa” may appear, it’d be wise to keep it in the record player and off of your dinner plate.

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