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Let’s be real – it’s looking really bad for Drake here.

Pusha T‘s diss “The Story of Adidon” is utterly scathing and by far the hardest diss record that Drake has ever been hit with. While Drake’s been counted out in previous battles where he on-paper was outmatched by the likes of Meek Mill, Common and Joe Budden, Drizzy has always come out on top. But even those veterans didn’t decimate Drake with as potent of a clap back as “The Story of Adidon.”

Pusha brings up allegations of Drake having a secret child, a strained relationship from his father and cover art featuring an actual photo of Drake in blackface.


But can Drake still retain the title of “Mr. Comeback Season?”


To paraphrase a great Doctor during a recent War, there’s about 14,000,605 outcomes this conflict can have, and only one where Drake wins. For that, he’ll need to do these eight things:

1) Drake needs to disprove that the alleged child is his.

2) Drake needs to respond over Clipse’s “Grindin” beat.

3) Drake needs to play up Pusha’s desperation for shock value.

4) Drake needs to have his own Dad on the track.

5) Drake’s Dad needs to deliver a catchy hook that becomes part of the rap lexicon a lá “Back 2 Back” or “Ether.”

6) Drake needs to deny, deny, deny…er…explain away the blackface cover super dismissively on the song itself.

7) Drake needs to have Pusha’s brother and former Clipse member No Malice on the track.

8) Drake needs to have fellow Canadian and music interview sleuth Nardwuar dig up super compromising information on Pusha.

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