Well, Thanksgiving is over, so let’s crank the Christmas music with the fury of a one-horse open sleigh! 

Starting our season this year is a brand new Christmas EP from DRAM. Fresh off of an original song from a Christmas-themed Sprite commercial, fans clamoring for an official DRAM Christmas release didn’t have to wait long as we officially have the three-track new classic #1EpicHoliday.

DRAM’s latest is special – dare I call it a “Holiday Special?” – for a number of reasons. The opening cover of “Silver Bells” featuring DRAM’s real life mother, affectionately credited here as BigBabyMom, is the type of touching Mother-Son duet that’s exceptionally rare in hip-hop. Making it particularly heartwarming is the EP’s cover art being a holiday photo of the two of them from when DRAM was a baby.

The other two tracks are a very inspired and timely arrangement of “The Christmas Song” (which you may know as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” or “That Holiday Song Brother Michael Sings”) and the fun seasonal throwback of DRAM’s “#1HappyHoliday,” his pre-famous track of Christmas tidings. Longtime DRAM-devotees might remember the carroll from his Soundcloud account, way-back-when. 

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