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It was 20 years ago today on 9/9/99 that Sega released the landmark Sega Dreamcast. Ahead of it’s time with internet connectivity, screen-in-the-controller and game-accessible microphones, it brought contemporary gamers into the new millennium and continues to wow retro-gamers to this day!

Go 96.3‘s Reed shared some of his fond Dreamcast memories:

Oh man! My favorite system of all time, released on 9.9.99, I still have mine. The VMU was awesome, online ability, and how could you not love the creepy game of Seaman?! Truly ahead of it’s time, but #1 in my heart!

Go 95.3‘s Chaz Kangas shared similar sentiments:

The music was so clear, the colors were so bright, the action was so fast and the whole “it’s thinking” marketing campaign really made Sega Dreamcast feel so different. It really felt like you were stepping into the future, like the entire path of 90s video games converged into this one huge evolutionary leap. Power Stone being a 3-D fighting game where you could use the environment as weapons was mindblowing to me. And that Bass Fishing game that made fishing feel like an adrenaline-pumping arcade game was special too. Glad I still have mine!

In honor of the big 2-0, here’s some of the best tweets and commercials that showed what a major cultural moment the Dreamcast was!

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